JonTookEm my response to an angry commenter….

Jon Took Em is a very passionate reader of Kaliphornya.com.  Last night he disagreed with one of the articles I wrote in which I put a curse on Boston and its sports nation.  I love hearing from my fans and try to respond to as many of them as possible.  Below are the three, yes three comments that Jon left for me.  Lets check it out.

picture-21Lets dissect jontookem arguments to the blog.  He says that I make no coherent or logical argument.  The basis of my thesis for this article was the fact that last year and in previous years Paul Pierce has faked injuries.  Lets now look at who is injured in Boston this past year.  Starting with Baseball, do you remember that series where the BoSox played the Rays?  Big Papi was injured during the series and did not produce jack shit.  That was probably the sole difference in the series.  This year Dice K is injured as well as Smoltz.  I listed some more baseball injuries but we will stick with the “big names”.  Does anyone remember what happened to the Patriots star player last year?  Tom Brady went down for the whole season and had several complications on his knee surgery.  Ok Lets now look at the C’s this year.  Scalibrini, Powe, Allan, Rondo have all been injured this year.  Now the big name is the Big Ticket and he is not available to play in the play offs.  That seems like a lot of injuries.  I think that should explain quite a bit.

Jon wants me to explain how they won a title, won 62 games without their top player, and have a legitimate chance of getting to the Eastern Conference Finals.  Yes, you guys did win the title last year.  I did not create the curse until after the finals.  This is probably my weakest argument of the blog.  You win here.  You guys did win 62 games this year, and that is an exceptional record.  Where you are wrong is saying you did it without your best player.  As far as I am concerned KG only missed at most the last month of the NBA regular season.  So you guys did not play the whole season without your best player.  Finally, in regards to having a good shot at getting to the ECF, well hey that phrase explains a a lot.  I know in Los Angeles we as fans and the players consider the season a failure if we get anything less than an NBA title.  It sounds like you are already admitting defeat.  I don’t think the Lakeshow did that when Bynum and Ariza were not available for the playoffs last year.  Its all good though.  The ECF is good, no really it is.

He then tells me that “You might forget about the fact that not every good team can win everywhere”.   As a reader I am kind of lost on this phrase, please write back and further expand on this.  Jon writes “I think getting to the ECF finals and being a couple wins away from winning a title is a pretty good accomplishment”.  Yeah that is a really good accomplishment if you are the Sacramento Kings or the Los Angeles Clippers but you are the Celtics, nice attitude and way to give up.  Where is your guys fight?  I now see what Boston nation is truly made of.  Like I said above, when we didn’t have Bynum we still thought we could win the Finals.  I guess that is the difference between aspiring for greatness and settling for mediocrity.

Jon asked me what I accomplished.  Well I received a BA in Communication, played four years of Division 1 tennis, in the fourth grade I was student of the month, in high school I won four section championships and was on the Honor Roll, ohh yeah and I created the post it, well not the last but everything else is legit.   What have you accomplished jontokem?

Jon asked me how many titles I have won.  I am curious if you are asking me or how many titles my teams have won?  I am going to presume that you are asking how many titles my teams have won.  There is a really good blog that broke down sports between Boston and Los Angeles.  As the author clearly shows LA is the dominate sports town.  Feel free to check it out.

Dodgers have 18 baseball titles

Red Sox have 7

The Rams, Raiders, Trojans, and Bruins have 14 football titles

The Patriots, BC, Harvard, Tufts, and Northeastern have 14 (10 of those were from Harvard when there were about 3 football teams in college football)

Lakers and Bruins combine for 20 (that is not counting the ones we won in Minneapolis)

The Celtics, BC, Harvard, Tufts, and Northeastern have 17

LA is titletown, boston sucks Click on this link to see specifics.

Jon Took Em, please feel free to write back if you have any more problems, arguments, or questions in regards to this post.  Thanks a lot….


1 Response to “JonTookEm my response to an angry commenter….”

  1. 1 Jontookem
    April 18, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    Great responses. Love the passion there.

    What kind of fan am I? I love the Celtics, but I am also a fan of basketball and realize that it probably isn’t in the cards for them this year. There is a big difference between being naive and thinking that my team can win because I want them to and knowing that there are 2 other better teams in the NBA this year. Of course there is still a great chance for them to win, but is it likely? Probably not. Will I win and lose with the Celts during the playoffs? Of course.

    In terms of the comment, “You might forget about the fact that not every good team can win everywhere”, that was a typo on my part. I meant to say that, “You might forget about the fact that not every good team can win every YEAR.” Oops. I can see how that would confuse you.

    Yes, this team was injury ridden so it must be a curse from Paul Pierce’s “fake” injury. It probably has nothing to do with the fact that KG has logged 1,000+ games or 10,000+ minutes of game time? Nah, probably not. Leon Powe doesn’t have a history of knee injuries, either. No. he doesn’t… Scal having lots of concussions? That’s a freak accident. Tony Allen? Yeah, multiple injuries. Rondo? Lots of twisted ankles.

    But look at the entire league: overall piss poor quality because of injuries? Yeah, I think so.

    But let’s be real with each other: are you really going to get this serious and this pissed about me calling your curse stupid? Because it is. If you really believe in curses, you need to go back and do redo your undergraduate work in WAKE UP DUDE THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS CURSES. Maybe your school didn’t require those courses, but they are worth checking out.

    Wake up. There are no stupid curses. The team had injuries like so many other good teams this year (Spurs, Lakers, Hornets… shall I continue?).

    If you’d like to have a pissing contest about which city is title-town, go ahead. You win by numbers. Is that supposed to make me feel bad? Well… this might ruin your day, but it really doesn’t ruin my day. I like my team because I grew up watching the Sox and the Celts with my family, especially with my older brother who was/is someone I always looked up to. Sports have always had meaning to me because of how much fun I had playing sports and being an athlete on a team (middle school, high school, and college). I love being part of a group all rooting for the same thing and hoping for the same outcome. I don’t love sports because my city has won more sports. Please.

    I’ll close with all of my picks for the NBA playoffs. This is from what I think will happen, not what I want to happen. What do I want to happen? See the Celtics raise #18 and prevent Phil Jackson from moving ahead of Red in most titles won.


    (1) Lakers v. (8) Jazz : Lakers in 5 (the only thing tough about this pick was should it be in 4 or 5 games)

    (4) Blazers v. (5) Rockets : Rockets in 6 (I got to admit: Ron Artest and Yao Ming = Craziest duo in the NBA and crazy enough to shut down the all Blazers except B-Roy)

    (3) Spurs v. (6) Mavs : Spurs in 7 (I just can’t see the Mavs playing good enough defense and Timmy giving one great series before his body gives)

    (2) Nuggets v. (7) Hornets : Nuggets in 6 (I feel uneasy about this pick, but which Hornet can guard Melo? Chauncey can put up a fight against CP3)

    (1) Lakers v. (5) Houston : Lakers in 6 (this is too bad because Houston would have had a chance at the WCF if they had finished as the 4th seed)

    (3) Spurs v. (2) Nuggets : Spurs in 6 (this has everything to do with me thinking that the Nuggets will self-implode because they won’t know how to play in a semi-final round and Coach Pop exposes this despite the fact that Timmy falls apart; by the way, I hate this pick and I know I am going to be wrong here but it doesn’t matter because the Lakers make it out of the West)

    (1) Lakers v. (3) Spurs : Lakers in 5 (easy)


    (1) Cavs v. (8) Pistons : Cavs in 5 (Lebron chews through Rip Hamilton while kicking Rasheed Wallace in the face as his right arm extends back 30 feet behind him during a tomahawk dunk; who on earth will guard him in this series?)

    (4) Hawks v. (5) Heat : Hawks in 7 (this was a tough one: can D-Wade really carry his team through 7 straight grueling games? Plus the Hawks have taken 3 games to 1 this season)

    (3) Orlando v. (6) 76ers : Orlando in 6 (Everyone will start spitting the old rhetoric that I’m sick of, “Orlando is a legitimate team with a real chance of taking down Boston and to give the Cavs a series”; they’ll fold to the Celts if they even get there)

    (2) Celtics v. (7) Bulls : Celtics in 6 (I’d rather see the Celts play the 76ers, but whatever; the Celts will have a tough match-up against their bigs (Miller, Noah, Tyrus Thomas) and their hot shooting (Salmons, Gordon) and the ever-improving play of Derrick Rose. Whatever, I am not saying the games won’t be close, but if you do player-to-player match ups, the Celts come out on top very easily with Rondo, Pierce, and Ray Ray; plus our bench is infinitely better than their bench so suck it)

    (1) Cavs v. (4) Hawks : Cavs in 6 (Atlanta will make it look tight, but then Lebron will chase down a Joe Johnson fast break and block his shot off the backboard so hard off glass that the ball will actually go through the backboard; who on earth will guard him in this series? Sound familiar?)

    (2) Celtics v. (3) Orlando : Celtics in 7 (I still believe that without KG, the Celts can still take this series; Perk is the secret in this match up– he’s guarded Dwight Howard so well this year; but most importantly, Stan Van Gundy can’t out-coach Doc and the Celts bench is deeper, which will be important because games will be tight and this series should go to 7)

    (1) Cavs v. (2) Celtics : Cavs in 6 (It doesn’t matter that KG is out– it really doesn’t; their bigs are better and Lebron is Lebron because he is really, really, really, really, really, really good)

    Lakers v. Cavs : Cavs in 6

    Lebron will remind us of those special players that not only won a regular season MVP (he must, right?) but also a Finals MVP. Lebron will also remind us of loyalty: he stuck with the Cavs, and the Cavs stuck with him. He will cry. Then everyone else on that damn team will cry because Lebron showed/said it was ok. And it will be really, really, really, really, really, really emotional, but also really, really, really, really, really, really awesome to see Lebron dethrone Kobe as the most dominant player in the game and walk away with 2 things Kobe wanted: a title and a Finals MVP (during the ‘99-’02 run, Shaq was a 3-time Finals MVP).

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