A note out of LostAngelesblog.com’s book

Kaliphornya is recieving all kinds of hate mail due to the newest article about Boston and the curse I have created.  A good friend of mine and fellow Angelino also has recieved vast hatemail from bitter Boston fans.  He takes the hate mail and then makes a blog about them.  I figure this to be a great idea.  Here is my attempt to respond to the hate mail.

This is an post from Big Jim Slade

Horrible article. Really, because a lot of people have told me they enjoyed it.  Do you know that “I like” button on facebook, yeah like 10 people clicked that for my article.  I guess that is just your opinion. How can it be a curse if they went out and won the title after the incident? Yes they did win the title last year.  They were supposed to win it again this year, but from the looks of it they are not due to KG’s injury.  Hey “anything is possible” (said in a douche voice crying like a girl)  Only time will tell. Usually curses bring you bad luck, not championships. Was Tom Brady getting injured bad luck? B’s are a 1 seed…where’s the curse?By B’s do you mean Bruins because I really don’t follow hockey.  Its not that important to us out here.  You got me, no curse there.  I will enjoy writing a blog about how the Sharks beat them though. Sox not playing well after 9 games…that’s a curse? WTF?  Yes it is early but, you guys did let Manny go last year and he is quite happy out here.  Maybe that’s another curse I can create. Is Ortiz healthy this year and was he healthy last year in the playoffs?  He had an unreal series against the Rays. There’s 153 games to go. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Then you say “You look at their DL and some big names are on there”…Jed Lowrie? Lugo? Kotsay are big names? I’ll give you Dice, but Smoltz was brought in knowing that he wouldn’t be ready to start the season…that is a curse?  Ok sorry, not big names but medium sized names.  You got me again. Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that kit kat bar…..

Horrible premise for an article trying to be clever – failed miserably.  Maybe you will get my whit the second time around when you read my rebuttal to your comment.  I think it is clever.  Hey every man has his own opinion.  Thanks for the traffic. At least you had class and wished Danny Ainge well…Yes some would say I am classy, like the Patriots, ohh wait didn’t they cheat a couple years ago to win the super bowl?  Just playing I bet you are classy as well.

Check out my buddies battles with angry Boston commenter’s….Lost Angeles Blog

Thanks for the love Big Jim, I enjoy your passion…..


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