Work hard and take a risk

Work hard and take a risk.  Now that seems like a concept.  After you read this blog I want you to go onto google or whatever you favorite search engine is and look up the words get rich quick.  Here you will find all these schemes and ways that people or companies have devised to get you to use their product, by their book, or view their web site.  It seems like a very lucrative industry.

For many years now thousands upon thousands of people have wasted endless amounts of time and money on reading these get rich “self helpers”.  I have heard so many people talk about books such as “The Tipping Point”, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, or “The Secrete”.

look over 15 million sold, this dude is loaded

look over 15 million sold, this dude is loaded

The best thing about all of these people who talk about these books is they are not rich and their success is very minimal.  I myself tried to read “The Secret” and made it about one third of the way through the book.  Upon reading the book I came to my own realization.  This book is not helping me get rich or successful but helping the author get rich and successful.

It is telling me stuff that I have learned since the first grade.  Let me lay it out for you as simply as possible.  When you were in fourth grade, what were the most popular days of the school year?  Yes Christmas break, or the last day of school are up there, but the days that stick out in my head were report card days.  This was the day where you found out how well you were doing.  If you worked hard on all your homework and projects as well as studied for all of your tests then this day was usually a fun day.  If you slacked off during the quarter, well going home was very fearful.

The same correlates to your life today.  What would you say if I told you that you could be just as successful as Kobe Bryant?  Most of you would laugh and then make up excuses.  I am not 6’8 or I don’t have the gift or ability to play basketball.  That is correct, you are not 6’8 and you have a better chance of winning the lotto then sinking an NBA three.  You are also wrong for not agreeing with me that you could be as successful as Kobe.

Yes Kobe has a God given talent and is blessed with a 6″8 190lb frame.  Each day Kobe Bryant spends hours upon hours perfecting his craft.  Whether it be in the weight room, on the court, or doing laps around a track he is working as hard as he can to be the best that he can be.

Lets relate that to your job now.  Can you honestly say that you work as hard as you possibly can?  Sadly the chances are no.  We live in a world where we expect everything to come easy and quick.  I dare you to try and work as hard as you can for two weeks at your job or whatever you do.  The results will blow you away.  It is very safe to say that Kobe Bryant has spent more time on a basketball court then anywhere else in his life.  Ever since he was a little kid the first thing he would do in the morning was shoot a basketball and the last thing he would do before bed was shoot a basketball.  Try that with your job and see the success come your way.

What these books need to tell you and the only thing they should tell you is to work hard.  Hard work does pay off.  You will not be rich and successful sitting on your ass watching four hours of television a day thinking well I will get started on my brilliant entrepreneurial idea tomorrow.  Work hard and work hard now.

Part two of the formula is probably the hardest part to do.  Taking risks.  The majority of the most successfull people in the world have failed time and time again because they took risks.  Chances are they went bankrupt or lost their life savings. Yet because they put themselves out on the line they did make it big.   It puts you in a situation to either be successful or live on the streets.  By doing this they were forced to put everything they could into whatever they were doing, they were forced to commit one hundred percent.  In the end they forced themselves to make it happen.

One will never get ahead in life without taking risks.  If you sit on your ass and wait for an opportunity to come to you, life will pass and you will still be living in that small town you grew up in hating your job and possibly owning seven cats.  Yes you did have a brilliant idea but you were to chicken or lazy to make it happen.   Take the risk, put yourself out there where you could lose it all.  Who knows in the end you might just hit it big.

Like in the movie Tin Cup, no one will ever remember who won the US Open twenty years from now, yet they will always remember the guy who shot a twelve on the final hole and sunk the 3 wood from 200 yards out.  Now that is what I call living. 

Save your money don’t buy the books.  Work hard and take risks.  The harder you work the less risk it truly is you are taking.


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