A new curse in Boston

Whats up Boston? How are you doing?  Probably not so great.  Lets look at your sports nation.  The Red Sox are a rocking 3-6 chilling in the basement for the AL East.  You look at their DL and some big names are on there.  Lugo, Lowrie, Kotsay, Smoltz, and Matsuzaka.  Your Celtics are falling apart and have been hurting this whole season.  Yes the big one is KG, possibly out for the playoffs, but how is Rondo’s ankle holding up?  I bet he hasn’t been able to roller skate a whole lot.  If you make it to Cleveland in the playoffs will Allan getting suspended for a game due to an elbow again?  Scalabrine and Leon Powe are they still hurt?

The only positive is that your Bruins are doing well, at least until they meet the Sharks and then get beat down by a West Coast team.  That will suck because hockey out her is about as big as an Anorexics dinner.  How is Brady doing?  Rehab going well?  I bet that cost you guys another title last season.  Let’s see if he can come back next year.

For Boston fans this has been a rough year after such a high last year.  Who would have ever predicted so many injuries.  Really?  It has sucked for you guys.  The only real explanation I have is that it is all your fault.  Well not the fans but a guy named Paul Pierece.  Lets flash back to game one of the NBA finals last year.  Do you remember when Pierece fell down and could not get up.  His teammates had to help him off the court as though he tore his ACL, MCL, and broke is Fibia and Tibia.  The air went out of the stadium, the Lakers went on a run, then all of a sudden you hear the Garden erupt.  In comes Pierce to save the day, and he has never looked better.  He is hitting threes as though they were lay ups.  He completely took over the game and mind fu@($d the lakers. (thanks for that phrase Lost Angeles)

Kiss me Scali

Kiss me Scali

I am not saying that is the sole reason the Lakers lost but it did take a mental toll on our guys.  Lets face it the Lakers were out classed and played as though they were in a girls 12’s AAU game.  That’s how soft we played.  Still I thought we were playing basketball and not soccer in Europe.  Seriously who fakes an injury? That’s almost as bad as, I don’t know filming other teams plays in football?

CUBS= Completely Usless By September

CUBS= Completely Usless By September

Anyhow I guess you could say after faking that injury Bean nation has been feeling the side effects.  The curse is on.  No its not a goat and no you did not trade away the Babe,

He was a pretty good hitter

He was a pretty good hitter

ohh wait you did, anyhow your player faked an injury and as an athlete that is just messed up.  No one likes to see injuries, it sucks, it takes away from the game, but I am not feeling sorry for you Boston.  You guys had it coming.  Don’t be frustrated, be mad, mad at Pierece, because he has just cursed the shit out of Bean town.

On that note I just saw that Danny Ainge suffered a minor heart attack.  Kaliphornyas prayers and thoughts are with him.  Lets hope he has a speedy and full recovery in time to enjoy the playoffs.


11 Responses to “A new curse in Boston”

  1. 1 Nick C.
    April 16, 2009 at 10:23 pm

    Wow. Way to invent a curse to help you sleep better at night as a West Coast sports fan. Here’s my proposal for a curse: you write a biased, completely illegitimate article and suck a cock every day.

  2. 2 BigJimSlade
    April 17, 2009 at 6:40 am

    Horrible article. How can it be a curse if they went out and won the title after the incident? Usually curses bring you bad luck, not championships. B’s are a 1 seed…where’s the curse? Sox not playing well after 9 games…that’s a curse? WTF? There’s 153 games to go. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Then you say “You look at their DL and some big names are on there”…Jed Lowrie? Lugo? Kotsay are big names? I’ll give you Dice, but Smoltz was brought in knowing that he wouldn’t be ready to start the season…that is a curse? Gimme a break.

    Horrible premise for an article trying to be clever – failed miserably. At least you had class and wished Danny Ainge well…

  3. 3 So_Cal_Man
    April 17, 2009 at 12:48 pm

    Dude its about time us Kaliphornyans start telling these bastanites wuz up! Thanks for the Blog my man!

  4. 4 jontookem
    April 17, 2009 at 5:59 pm

    You make no coherent or logical argument. If this so-called curse actually existed, please explain how 1) they managed to win a title, 2) finish with 62 wins without their top player, and 3) have another solid shot at getting to the ECF?

    You might forget about the fact that not every good team can win everywhere. I think getting to the ECF finals and being a couple of wins away from winning a title is a pretty good accomplishment.

    Out of curiosity: what you have accomplished?

  5. 5 jontookem
    April 17, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    How many titles of you won?

  6. 7 jontookem
    April 17, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    Plus I know you won’t approve these comments. Show me that you are man enough to approve them.

  7. 8 Mike
    April 20, 2009 at 3:25 am

    First and foremost, I’m a die-hard Laker fan.

    Secondly, I’d have to agree with nearly everyone who’s posted. The fake injury can’t be a curse. Like bigjimslade said, a curse couldn’t have brought them a championship. Once hexed, it should follow that everything after it would be tragic, but the Celtics won, plain and simple.

    You could definitely argue that their window has closed, but to put a curse is ridiculous. I personally get annoyed when fans start arguing with non-sense. If indeed Pierce’s fake injury was a curse, you have no logic behind it.

    The truth and simple fact is, the Celtics are old. The Cavs and Magic are young and athletic, while the Lakers are what every team vies to become. To think that three aging stars could make a dynasty is ridiculous, too. I’m talking to you, Danny Ainge. They got their championship, and they won it fair, no doubt. But the Celtics were thinking about a championship for that year, only. They’ve got to be idiots to think they could all contend for years to come.

    Anyway, more pride for the westcoast and all, but this post is absurd. Lake show for life; Boston Celtics, you just fail.

  8. 9 Bastanites_Hater
    April 20, 2009 at 8:23 am


  9. 11 Matt from RI
    April 21, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    Hey you clown, the Bruins are currently cruising in the playoffs as the top contender in 2009 NHL playoffs and Boston University just won the 2009 National Championship in hockey, a year after Boston College won it.

    Making up a curse to make yourself feel better is sad. Pierce has flopped before I’ll give you that, but he’s earned everything spending his career in Boston and deserves nothing but respect.

    Oh yeah, Sox are now 7-6…funny how April is too early in the baseball season to assume anything, idiot.

    From 2001-2009 Boston has been the center of the sports universe, with 3 NFL Championships, 2 World Series and 1 NBA Championships, in case you forgot, with the possibility of a Stanley Cup.

    Yeah and still all you anti-Pats people still believe everything ESPN and Matt Walsh (where is he now?) spoon-fed you on “Spygate” which has since been reduced to background noise. No one ever knows how long that practice was going on in the NFL, how often it was used and (depending on the plays) how much of an advantage it even gave a team. Ever heard of stealing signs in baseball? Heard much of baseball teams in the past winning big games due to cheating from stealing signals? I didn’t think so.

    No matter what. What Boston has done with its sports dominance is up there with Pittsburgh’s multi-championship years and New York’s. Something West Coast cities have yet to achieve. Have fun with your small markets! You’ve got nothing to say to just bow because the sun rises in the east mother fucker!

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