Lakers road to the Finals

Today with a win over the Indiana Pacers the Cleveland Cavs and LeBron James have locked down home court advantage until the end of the season.  This comes to a team who has only lost one game this entire season at home.  An impressive feat none the less for the King and company.

As a Laker fan it would have been great to lock the best record in the NBA down.  Needless to say I am not scared.  The Lakers beat Bron Breezy and the Cavs at home this year.  Some say whopdedo but lets look back to that game.  It was the last game of a six game road trip.  On that trip Andrew Bynum went down with an injury on the first game.  When the Lakeshow played Cleveland, Kobe was very sick and played limited minutes. Lamar stepped up and had a break out game this season, all in all it was a great victory.

As the playoffs begin, I am very excited because really the only teams the Lakers need home court advantage against are the Boston Celtics and Portland Trailblazers.  The Lakers are zero for their last seven games against the Blazers in Portland and we all saw what happened last year when Bean town had home court advantage.

As everything stands now, the Lakers will face the Utah in the first round.  I am predicting that we will lose only one game.  The next round we will face the winner of Houston and Portland.  I am guessing that Houston’s experience will prevail over the young streaking Portland team.  Neither of the two scare me.  In the Western Conference Finals I am predicting a Los Angeles New Orleans match up.  Once again there will be no problems and it will be nice to see Byron Scott make it that far.

Cleveland in the mean time will make it through to the finals, but will have a much harder time starting with Detroit in the first round.  They then have the possibility to face Orlando, Boston, Miami, or Atlanta which are all good teams and have a decent record against the cavs.  They will be tired.  With this aside the Lakers match up very very well against the Cavs.  We have the ability to go tall and clog the lane with two seven footers.  We have the ability to put lock down defenders on the perimeter.  Defense wins championships and we have a clear shot at this.  I can’t wait for June.

LeBron vs Kobe-


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