If your not from LA then I guess you hate us

Over this glorious Easter weekend, I got to spend some time with some old friends.  Needless to say it all resorted to a death festival for my liver, lots of trash talking, yet a ton of fun.  My friend Wim Telty (fake name for anonymity) and Aan Dnderson played with me on my college tennis team, so naturally the competitive juices flow quite strong when we chill.  Wim is from the East Bay Area and is an avid A’s, Warriors, and Raiders fans.  Aan is from the Pacific Northwest more specifically the Seattle area, and is a monster Sea Hawks and Mariners fan.  He also roots for Thunder formerly known as the Super Sonics.

Both of these guys despise the Lakers and have a dislike for the Dodgers.  I can understand why Wim hates the Lakers since they play in the same conference as the Warriors.  My buddy Aan well I am not sure why he hates the Lake show since his town does not have a team any more.  He did say that he is a Ray Allen fan so he roots for the Celtics.  I find that fairly convenient.  I wonder if he was a Ray Allan fan when he was on the Bucks.  (just playin Aan I know you were.  Were you a Radmonavich or Payton fan when they were on the Lakers?)

Among many debates we had throughout the weekend was the battle between Boston and Los Angeles.  It was a simple question “Who would you root for between the Lakers and C’s as well as the Dodgers and Bo Sox?”  I bet you will never guess what they said?  Aan was indifferent about the Dodgers and Wim said the Red Sox.  That just blew my mind due to the fact that the A’s and Dodgers are not in the same league and one should root for their own state.  Besides its the Red Sox.  That’s like me saying I would root for Giants if they played the A’s in the World Series.  That would never happen.  When it came to the Lakers both were hands down for the Celtics and both stated that they despised the Lakers franchise.  I just did not get it.

The following day we were all eating lunch and my buddy Wim got on this rant that the only reason the A’s and Warriors have not been more successfull in recent years is because of money.  The Lakers and Dodgers have tons of money and apparently Oakland teams are broke.  He thinks that the MLB should put a salary cap on teams like basketball to make everything more fair.  I told him that the owners of the A’s should spend the money that is required to keep good players from leaving.  That will make things “fair”.

Yo Lewis, spend more money? You and John Fisher are worht 1.5 Billion

Yo Lewis, spend more money? You and John Fisher are worth 1.5 Billion

I then proceeded to point out the World Series Champs last year.  The Rays had a very minimal salary but a great farm system.  The Yankees who try and buy a Series every year have not won one in a decade.  Wim replied that the A’s have a great farm system as well but the players bounce once they become free agents.  I asked Wim why the Rays players didn’t bounce this year?  There was silence.

I then asked about the Warriors who play in a league where there is a salary cap.  Why did Jason Richardson go?  Why did they let Derek Fisher go?  Why did Matt Barnes go?  How about Baron Davis?  Come on, your team has its first playoff appearance in a million years, upsets the Mavericks, wins the hearts over of NBA fans across the country, and then trades half the starting line up away.  The only answer I got was that Baron thought Elton Brand was staying on the Clips.  Pretty lame and a poor argument, keep believing though.  I did not even get started on the Raiders because we all know Al Davis is a complete moron.

Throughout the whole weekend I heard nothing but Lakers suck, f- the Lakers, I hate the Lakers and have no respect for them.  A typical Bay Area response yet one I did not expect from the North West.  I was sitting there thinking man I can understand hating a franchise but give some props to the good things they have done.  I give props when props are due.  Red Aurback was a legit coach, BIll Russels was a straight baller, Willie Mays made an amazing grab, Baron Davis had a filthy dunk on AK47, the Bash Brothers in the late 80’s and early 90’s were a nasty back to back offensive machine.  Dennis Eckersly threw some filthy pitches, Barry Bonds does have the record*, Ted Williams was as pure of a slugger as you could ask for, and that is sports.  A true sports fan will put the jersey aside and appreciate the single performances.

I guess I am just bitter at my buddies bashing my teams left and right all weekend when I was giving their teams props for what they have done.  Watching the glove throw lobs to Mr. Kemp made me want to be a point guard, the Mariners in the 90’s were like the Bulls in the 90’s how could you dislike their team (BTW stoked to see Griffey back in an M’s uniform).  When it comes to the NFL, well I don’t have a team so I am not emotionally invested in the league.  Yes I did throw in the occasional shot at their teams.  “It is funny that McGwire and Canseco played 30 minutes away from BALCO”  or “how about that shot Gibson had.”



Yet even the Gibson comment drew some negative replies.  Wim said he faked the injury.  I said that was the only time he played in that Series.  Paul Pierce faked and injury.  Aan said “Your city needs to get over that play, every time I turn on the television it is Gibson, or Fisher, or Horry, or Kobe”  You guys need to get a new play.”   It is a thing called pride.  If your team had one I bet it would fill the air waves as well.  Tony Romo fumbling the ball on a field goal kick?  Beating the Mavericks in the first round of the playoffs?

It was then when I found the answer I was searching for and why there is so much despair and despise for my boys in blue and the purple and gold.  They have not had the luxury of seeing various titles or championships.  They don’t have a great tradition to follow.  They have to put up with more heart break then glory.  I would be bitter if my Warriors made the playoffs once every twenty years and traded the starting line up away the following year or my Sonics moved to Oklahoma City and morphed into the Thunder.  I would be bitter if my A’s would not spend the money to keep big names after strong seasons.  I am guessing that it is not so much hate but bitterness.  In order to keep yourself opportunistic you need to make silly excuses such as baseball needs a salary cap, or say that the Lakers are playing well soley because all of their guys are playing above their potential, or finally my favorite, degrade teams that are still playing in May and June, or  October while your team gets an early off season.  It is not a hate against my team or my franchise but a way to let some steam off out of frustration for a lack of production from their favorite teams.

One thing I will give them props for though is sticking by teams during the ups and down, through the good and the bad.  They are true fans and anyone can tell you that.  They speak their mind and live behind their boys to the grave.  They are why sports fuel this country and why there are things such as rivalries.  On that note I just saw O-Dog go yard against Johnson on Opening day in LALA land.  Could this be the year the Lakeshow and Dodgers win it all?

I think yes-


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