Rajon Roller Skater Rando

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo has recently done an interview that can be found in the most recent Maxim.  He is a self proclaimed roller skater.  As I was reading the article I could not help but laugh at this guy and keep a straight face.  Yes Boston people you can rip on us Kaliphorians as much as you want about roller blading.  It was a national craze in the early eights that is still popular down by the beach and a great work so I’ve heard.  That is just it though, people do it to work out in the sun along the ocean.

Thats sick kaliphornya style

Thats sick kaliphornya style

Rajon Rondo makes it a point to go every Friday and Sunday during the off season.  He says that he likes going to the roller rink and cruising around in circles.  Now that sounds like fun.  At least when roller blades were popular you could do cool tricks on a half pipe or grind down rails.  I have never seen roller skates on a half pipe or have the ability to grind down rails.

The reason Rondo got into skating was because he sucked at it.  He was at his nieces birthday party and was terrible.  He wanted to get better so he started skating as much as he could.  He then got hooked.  When asked if he could do any cool tricks like in the movie ATL (horrible movie by the way), he said no he prefers the couples skating.  On top of this he said he does not like clubs and enjoys meeting women at a roller rink.

Boston this one is for you.  One of you biggest upcoming stars is so bored in your town of Beans that he roller skates.  Are the clubs that bad out there that your people are still stuck in the sixties and seventies and think roller skating is cool?  The last time I went to a roller rink was for my sisters 10th birthday at Sierra Skate.  Not even then did I wear roller skates, I was blading because back in 1993 blading was cool.  Airborn type of cool.  (check out the Monday movie review atLost Angeles.)

Rondo, remember when you got into Kobes face when we beat you in your house?  What did you say to him?  “Watch out chump I can roller skate circles around your ass.”  You have just officially lost your Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett I’m tough as nails cred.  Have fun at the roller



rink and make sure not to break a wrist because I will enjoy seeing you lose to Cleveland in the Conference finals…..

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2 Responses to “Rajon Roller Skater Rando”

  1. 1 kaliphornya
    March 30, 2009 at 5:21 pm

    Thanks for the Digg man. Lamar Odom’s hobby is investing in restaurants not skating around in a bunch of circles. Grow up Rondo

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