Earthquake warning/prediction

What is up fellow Kaliphorians, as you know if you live here in the greatest state of the country there is not much that is bad about Kali.  On that note though we have to always be prepared for earthquakes.  To people around the rest of the country, well they are mortified by them yet we just roll with the flow when they happen.  An earthquake to them is like a tornado to us.  Now that stuff scares the hell out of me .

Anyhow there are several people in my family that have extensive knowledge in the geological and surveying fields.  There is a fairly long line of civil engineers and surveyors.  I have talked to them recently and they just wanted to give me a heads up that within the next week or so there is a chance of a major earthquake of 7.0 in magnitude or higher to hit the Southern San Andreas fault line.  There could also be some tremors up in the Northern San Andreas fault line some time next week as well.

As we all know no one has ever been one hundred percent sure of predicting an earthquake, but hey it cannot hurt to error on the side of caution.  There have been increased seismic activity over the past couple weeks that have drawn attention to a possible big one.

Will Kaliphornya’s sleeping giant awake once again?  Let’s hope not, but if it does you have to give my blog props for dropping this story-



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