Football is coming to the USofA…..

Ladies and gentlemen, lads and lasses, boys and girls, get ready.  Yes, get ready because football is coming to the states.  Not the football you are thinking of, but the original football also known as soccer.  Some of Europes premier soccer teams have scheduled matches against one another to show the JV (MLS) teams of soccer how it is done. 

This summer Chelsea, AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Club America will tour around the nation at some of the most popular venues we have.  United States do you realize that we will get to see the great David Beckham grace us with his presence and soccer brilliance playing for AC Milan?  Ohh wait we already saw him, he is old, slow, and really overrated.  Anyhow back to the venues.  This will include the Rose Bowl in Pasadena (USC’s home away from home even though UCLA plays there every other weekend), The Georgia Dome in the dirty South,  MT&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore (give a big cheer for Michael Phelps its where he is from and probably smoked his first bowl), Cheater Stadium, uhh I mean Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Mass, Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto CA, and the new Cowboy stadium in Arlington Texas which I heard has the worlds largest LCD monitor 130 yards long by 30 yards high.

Even though the summer time is preseason for all the European clubs we Americans can expect to see a great show, compared to the chicken scratch that we are used to seeing.  I guess you could say that I am just really excited to witness real soccer in person.   Several summers ago when Chelsea came to the states and  played against the American club, viewing records were crushed for a soccer game.  More than 900,000 Americans tuned in to watch the American all star team go head to head against the high spending and ever famous Chelsea. People were interested.

Did I mention that I can not wait to go out to Pasadena and watch some world class soccer.  Instead of having to watch world class soccer by playing Fifa 09 I get to see it live, I have never seen how the real deal plays live.  It should be some great entertainment.  Hopefully this sixth preseason tour of the states for Chelsea and the other European teams will continue to grow the American soccer world.

I am still very jealous of the guy that can go down to his local pub that is packed and watch his favorite club play in the company of all his mates and fans.  That will be the day when soccer truly is a hit here.  We need more pubs and better soccer.  Europe, do you have any ideas on how to progress soccer out here and make it the way you guys have it, the way the game should be played?  I would love some ideas…..

Stay tuned for United States tour updates…….


1 Response to “Football is coming to the USofA…..”

  1. 1 Matt Browne
    March 24, 2009 at 10:29 am

    You can add Qwest Field in Seattle to the list, they have already confirmed the Chelsea match….

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