Smush who?

Smush Parker has come out saying that playing on the Lakers is the most overrated experience he has ever been apart of.  He said the biggest problem with the Lakers during the 2006 and 2007 season was “your boy 24 formerly known as KB.”  The last time I checked Kobe Bryant is still KB Smush, and I don’t think that anyone would know who you were without playing along side of Kobe Bryant.

As a Laker fan and a huge Kobe fan, I understand that Kobe is hard to get along with especially when Smush was there.  It is hard to be a superstar and not win games.  The 2006 and 2007 seasons where Smush was the starting point guard were the worst seasons the Lakeshow has had in recent years.  Not due to Smush or Kobe but the Lakers were just not deep enough. It was right after the Kobe, Phil, and Shaq split.  I understand that Kobe would be hard to get along with but don’t put all the blame on him.  After all he is one of the best ever.

That was the name of my Little League baseball team

That was the name of my Little League baseball team

Don’t say that all the problems start and stop with him.  If the guy “formerly known as KB” was not on the floor Smush would be something I do to a bug and the Lakers would look like the Kings this year.  Kobe is the sole reason that anyone on the West Coast knows who you are.

If we are criticizing people take a look at yourself first.  The last I checked didn’t you get thrown off of the Heat for getting in a fight with a Valet woman over twelve dollars?  Yeah twelve dollars.  Kobe got accused of raping a woman and then resigned with the Lakeshow for life.  If you are so tight for money then maybe you should have waited for a long term contract before you bought the Smushcalade. Possibly the biggest waste of money.  Is it really necessary to have two fifteen inch televisions and a thirty six inch television in the Escalade? Just listen to this clown. 

How about your nick name? You called yourself the grim reaper because every time you step on the court you kill.  The only thing I remember you killing is the Lakers in the playoffs.  You played unreal ohh wait no you didn’t thank goodness we got a reliable point guard back named D-Fish.

Smush look at where you went after the Lakers and the Heat.  You spent a year with the Clippers and could not hack it, then you went to the Rio Grand Valley Vipers, and now you are playing for Guangdong in China where you get a starting roll.  You want to know what is funny about this?  I bet more people who live in Guangdong know who Kobe Bryant is as opposed to Smush Parker.
Stop ripping on Kobe because you could not hack it in the NBA, stop spending money on your car, appologizae to the valet, and be thankful that you did get to play alongside KB 24 because without him, I am not sure you would even have a job in Guangdom.

Smush Parker, what a tool-


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