Classy joints and dive bars…..

Kaliphornya had yet another fun filled weekend of experiencing new bars and local night spots in the Lost Angeles area.  I have lived in the city of Angels all of one and a half years and I feel as though I have not eve scratched the surface of things to do and places to go in this city.  You could spend your whole life living here and still neglect some great local hot spots.

The highlight of this past week and my nightly adventures consisted of two very very different places.  One has the beauty and class of that girl you could never even dream of getting in college while the other was that girl you hooked up with that placed your portrait on the wall of shame.  Both bars are great and serve their purpose yet two entirely different places.

On Friday I went out with a bunch of friends to a bar in Beverly Hills a stone throw away from the ever famous and flossy Rodeo Drive.  Nic’s vodka bar was the spot and one of the first places I had to, well Zach, had to pay a cover for in some time.  There was a cheesy band playing some jams that made it fairly difficult to talk to the person standing next to you.  There is nothing like yelling at someone to have a conversation. 

Once the crew I was rolling with established some turf near the bar I ordered a Grey Hound and it went down all to smooth.  This drink had the same sort of smoothness that I experienced at Vincente in Brentwood.  After yelling to my cronies for the next half hour we caravaned across the room to the freezer.  The freezer was an air tight room that was cooled to a whopping 28 degrees Fahrenheit.  It was stocked with every kind of vodka available in the bar and we could go in there to have a true vodka tasting experience.

The hostess outfitted us with fur coats and hats giving us that Russian swagger.  As we entered the room the chill sank right down to my bones.  Luckily I had my liquid coat on and was not bothered long by the sub freezing temperature.  After a shot or two you really started to feel loose and realize why Russians love Vodka so much.  It truly warmed me up in such harsh temperatures and made me want to pack my life up and move to Moscow.

After a cool twenty minutes in the freezer we deemed it was time to bounce and call it a night.  I made a wise crack to the hostess and she offered me a friendly version of the bird.  She had some true sass.  What a hooker.  As the night was winding down you could see all the girls that showed up to the bars dressed in their tiny black dresses getting desperate to find their new sugar daddy.  Nothing says gold-digger like a girl who is in her Vegas best get up hitting on a fat, smelly, Ed Hardy wearing, blinged out wrist watch, bald dude with no game.  Hey if you have a Ferrari in valet I guess more power to you. Onward to Saturday.

Dells saloon, is one of a kind.  If you have not been there boy are you missing out.  There is truly no requirements for this bar.  It is an old local dive bar for the West Los Angeles crowd.  There are two pool tables, an out door smoking area, and on Saturday nights you have a great Karaoke set up.

Drunk Dan

Drunk Dan

It is the bar that you go to when you want to enjoy a stiff drink out of a plastic cup.  You have your locals who come at two in the afternoon and shut this place down.

I went to Dells twice, ehhhhh maybe three times last week.  It may sound like I am a regular but no it just happened.  So last Monday I was at Dells with my cousin when he challenged this guy to a game of pool.  He was playing this dude named Dan who was just hammered and looked like he was straight out Crocodile Dundee.  They were talking shit back and forth which made for some entertaining spectating.  In the end Dan was victorious and i’m sure it made his night, only he would not remember it the next day.  Later on in the evening everyone attention in the bar was directed towards one of the monitors in the corner of the bar.  It was two guys throwing down that the security camera caught.

I soon realized that one of the guys boxing was drunk Dan.  He had been there since one in the afternoon.  I looked at my watch and it was one in the AM.  The dude had been throwing back cocktails for twelve hours.  Ohh yeah and Dells does not serve food.  Homie must have been smashed.  Needless to say it was an entertaining noche.

On Saturday night I some how found myself once again at Dells, this time the place was bumping and Karaoke was in full effect.  People were having a good time and just getting out of hand wasted.  I started to think about Nic’s that place where it would be frowned upon to yell out to the band, “Fuck yeah rock on, you guys are the shit.”  At Dells I feel that I would truly embarrass my mother and let her down if I wrote what some people were yelling about.  When people rolled out they were staggering, there were no Ferrari’s in the parking lot but Honda Civics and bikes.

Both spots were equally fun in their own way yet night and day from each other.  It would be like kicking it with Beauty and the Beast, the Lakers (55-14)  and Kings (15-55), USC and UCLA, all offering great forms of entertainment just in completely different ways.

Stay classy but not too classy-


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