Mills vs Curry a must see NIT game

Lets face it, not much gets better then March Madness and the tournament.  From the first time I filled out a bracket to the hours spent in front of the television listening to Dickey V, I can say that I might have watched one or two quarters of an NIT game.  Who wants to watch those games?  It is the losers bracket, its like playing consolation games.  If you win that tournament well, you are still 66, because you did not get into the main draw of the big dance.  Plain and simple its for the guys who could not hack it or make the cut.  


The man

The man

This all held true to me until this year.  As I have blogged about previously my beloved Saint Mary’s Gaels had their season stolen from them by the selection committee and the injury bug landing on star point guard Patrick Mills of Australia.  It was clear that the selection committee favored the major conference bubble teams and my boys did not make the cut.  See Apparently the NCAA does not like small schools.


As a true fan you support your team through the good and the bad.  I have gotten fairly interested in the NIT bracket just so I could see my team play another game this season.  I feel that if my boys win the NIT then it is a fuck you to the NCAA selection committee and it will prove a point.  These main factors have fueled my passion for the NIT.  

No it does not match up to the excitement of the Big Show but since my team is there it is important to me and the other teams playing in the tourney.  I do not expect anyone except the avid college hoops fan to watch the NIT games.  I do however recommend you watch the next round match up for Saint Mary’s.  They play Stephen Curry’s Davidson team.  This will be an epic match up between star guards Curry and Mills.  

As I have said before Curry punched his ticket into the NBA last year during the NCAA tourney.  This year Patty is making his campaign for the NBA as well, by dropping 20 points against team USA in Beijing and having his best college season (minus the injury) thus far.  This game is not in the tournament but is a must see.  If you want to see two of the top guards in the NCAA go head to head then watch this game.  You will not be disappointed.  The game is Monday March 23 at 11:30 eastern 8:30 pacific.  



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