Kaliphornya went to the ultimate dive bar last night…..


I am still pretty bad about not taking pictures in these bizarre places I end up.  Last night I drove down to Buena Park to meet up with some old friends who were in town for work.  We shot the shit and drank some beer.  Our adventures led us to the CUP.  The CUP is probably the biggest dive bar I have ever seen.  The street that the CUP was on is out of a weird movie from the 1980’s.  There was a restaurant/show of pirates called Pirates Dinner Adventure.  

Pirates Dinner Adventure

Pirates Dinner Adventure


Medieval Times

Medieval Times












Then the next building was called Medieval Times Dinner Restaurant.  Needless to say this was a strange place to be.  Across the street from CUPS was a restaurant called Po Boys Restaurant.  Walking into the bar there was no one at the door taking cards which was a different feel from your typical Los Angeles scene.  

CUPS like Rush Street Grill was a very weird mix of people.  There you had the blue collar crowd which was a nice change from your typical Lost Angeles crowd.  I saw a girl wearing basketball shorts knee high socks and flip flops.  It looked like she just got done shooting hoops and came straight to the bar.  

When we walked up to the bar we got three beers for a grand total of 13 dollars.  This was a very cheep price to pay for the size of beers.  There was also free pool which is awesome even thou I suck.  When you looked around the place you really saw the true dive bar come out.  On the walls there were cpu print offs that gave prices for food.  You could buy a hot pocket for $3.00, Beer Nuts for $2.00, and there were free Nachos.  In the corner of the bar there was a machine keeping your nacho cheese warm next to a basket of chips.  There was also a microwave next to the pool tables.  I bet if you ordered a hot pocket they would give it to you frozen and you could heat it up to your own liking.  

The music that was bumping was all over the place. It went from Irish drinking songs, to Chris Brown, to Boston.  There was a makeshift dance floor that no one was using.  If you stepped on it I bet the music would stop everyone would turn their head and freeze.  You could probably stand still and hear crickets.  The locals were just not used to these cats coming on their home turf.  After a beer or two we went back to the cars and I made my journey back to the West side.  

It was a interesting place to say the least, does anyone want to go to Pirates Dinner Adventure?  Its 45 bucks a person and it includes dinner and a show-


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  1. 1 ems
    March 12, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    FREE nachos?? I’m there.

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