Pedro Martinez should come home to the Dodgers…..

Pedro Martinez signed with the Dodgers in 1988.  To say he has had a great career in the MLB would be an under statement.  Over the past couple of years Pedro has not performed up to par and he would be the last one to disagree.  As a Kaliphornyan knowing that Pedro is unsingned and has the desire to still play in the MLB for another year I want to urge the Dodgers to sign him.  He would go great with the club.  I think he would be a great middle reliver or even an awesome setup guy.  

Bring him to LA

Bring him to LA



He has said he still wants to play and would like to win a World Series in the NL.  If we got Pedro it would not only add leadership but some depth to our pitching staff which is something you could never have to much of.  Look at his numbers and it is only right to try and go after him and get him a contract in LA.  It would be a great thing for the city as well as the ability to start and end your career in the same town.  

I know past history has said to not sign big name old pitchers but hey lets pull a move out of the Giants play book.  On that note lets try and get Jesus and Ramon as well so we could have all three brothers like we did back in the 80’s.  Not really but LA should go after Pedro.   Pedro and Manny could offer that Dominican Republic connection.


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