– Economy = + Good Environment

I have lived in the Southern Kaliphornya area for almost two years now.  When I am not blogging I work in the Pacific Palisades which is about twenty minutes away without traffic.  I have to take Sunset Blvd to and from work.  If you are caught on Sunset around five in the afternoon you know that it is a parking lot.  I know the surrounding neighborhoods like the back of my hand so the majority of the time I am able to avoid the traffic and see the amazing houses of the area. 

One day while sitting in traffic I decided to count how many garden trucks I passed.  The number blew me away, fifty trucks in a seven mile strech.  There are alot of very nice houses in the Palisades and the Rivera area with very deep pockets and a need to keep up the nice landscapes.  

Today and for the past week it has become ever apparent that the people of this area are starting to cut back.  I am guessing the the weekly landscaping crew was one of the first to go.  Instead of paying Joe Schmoe to work on the yard daddy is making little  Timmy work on the yard to pay off his brand new I Phone.   On my way home today I passed two garden trucks, TWO.  On top of that I did not hit one bit of traffic and I was on Sunset at 5:30 which in the past has been prime traffic time.

 With this economy so low it got me thinking that not as many cars are on the road, people are conserving more, and hopefully starting to save the money.  If there is fifty percent less cars on the road in my route to work, imagine all the routes to work in the rest of the country.  

In theory the dropping stock market and plummeting economy is doing a positive thing for our environment and it makes my drive home that much nicer.  

  Happy Trails-


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