Adventures of a Brentwoodian Round II

After a strong Friday adventure it was a late start for this Brentwoodian.  I was in a rut at the gym this past week and desperately needed a change of scenery to get a good workout.  Gaby suggested to go on a hike.  I suggested Temescal Canyon.  I have hiked up there twice before, once walking and once running.  Both were a great workout.  

Once I adventured out of the cave aka my apartment I came to a great realization that is was 85 degrees out.  Immediately I was stoked and off to the canyon we went.  

The start

The start


It was a great hike up to the top and the only thing missing was a bottle of water.  Once at the top it was cool to just look around at the great city of Lost Angeles and see its every curve.  I could see all the way to Long Beach, over to the LA skyline, and in the distance the snow capped mountains that surround this city.  Turning around we had a great view all the way to Malibu.  Every aspect of Los Angeles was in view. We had a great walk on the way down and found it very interesting listeing to peoples conversations. 


Lost Angeles

Lost Angeles

The end

The end

After taking it easy after the walk I ended up meeting with some of my oldest and best friends.  We all met up at my buddies house and had a great barbecued dinner and a guys night out.  After several hours of ripping on each other and shooting the shit we decided to go to Q’s, a bar along Wilsher in West Los Angeles.  I ran into an old bar tender that I used to teach tennis to and she hooked up a couple of beers.



Looking back on the weekend I was able to save thirty bucks on drinks with being friendly and knowing bar tenders.  We wanted to play some shuffle board but the table was taken.  We opted to shoot some pool.  I think I may be the worst pool player ever.  An average game takes me forty minutes to finish.  After playing several games the night was getting late and I was ready to roll.  Caught a cab and made my way home.  Once in bed I was stoked and ready for Sunday personally my favorite day of the week.  Stay tuned for part three of the adventures of a Brentwoodian.


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