Marbury a leprechaun killer!!!!

The self titled Starbury is free from NYC. He is set lose in the NBA just in time for the the Boston leprechauns to pick him up. All bean land fans are hoping that they truly can pull all of that luck out of the weed they have as their half court logo and not have mr selfish ruin their aging team.
I can see it now. Stabury is going to be taking time away from Rajon Rondo. Rajon will be pissed his PT is down and start getting pissed in the locker room, practice, and time outs. That team fusion KG and Jesus Shuttleworth brought to leprechaun land will be tested. Guys will be split. Marbrry is going to demand the lime light and not buy into the system. When it comes down to it, the guy who has the ball has all of the power. Do you truly think that after five games Marbury will pass the ball when its time to be a hero? I don’t think so. The C’s once they do land Marbury is like having a brain transplant that has Cancer. It will spread throught that locker room faster than the leprechaun bounces away with that pot of Gold.
Brining Starbury into the Boston de-compost pile will officially make the NBA finals this year be a match up between the Cavs and Lakeshow.
It is ever so apparent that Boston is one year older and one year slower. To counteract this they are going to bring in a selfish, hotshot hoopster that is not going to fit in the system. The beans are afraid of the depth of the lakeshow. This dumbest thing the C’s could have done last year was let PO-Z go.
I am predicting it now that they don’t make it past the Cavs and we will finally get to see Kobe face Bronbreezy in the NBA finals where it will be ever apparent that KB24 is the true MVP.


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