Movie stars = Global Warming

Who is your favorite actor or actress? I bet you ten million trillion dollars that they have jumped on the global warming band wagon over the past five years or so and become an advocate of anti global warming. I say good for them. It is awesome that they stand up for the planet and can use their fame to a positive effect. These super stars are just great. Doesn’t it seem like they are super responsible?
I am not buying it. I call bull shit. I can see right through their facade that they dont even see through. Yeah you can preach but dont be a hypocrite. In the last film your favorite celeb made millions upon million off they probably also increased their global footprint to an extent that you nor I will never be able to reach.
How is this possible when they traded in their H2 for a prius? Didnt they put solar panels on their roof to heat their hot tub and pool? Don’t they recycle their evian bottles? Wow they even bought that eco friendly 100 inch plasma. Yes I am sure they do this but what about movie time? How did they get to that shoot across the country? Did they fly on Southwest or Jet Blue like the rest of us? Probably not I am guessing they took a private jet. Did they share the electricity sucking smog polluting trailer or a dressing room with the extras? Probably not? How about that super hot day they had a shoot and after twenty takes of their hair blowing in the generator generated smog producing pollution making wind machine where did they go to retreate? Ohh year that private tent that is next to their private trailer that has the air cond’t running all day so they have some where to cool to stay once their next scene is up to review their takes. What about all the lights and generators it takes to shoot that romantic scene on the beach during the night? Catering for these productions is bogus, how much food is wasted? What about call backs to shoot that scene that did not come out? I guess it is time to fly across the country on that private jet once more.

Yet again another thought outside of the box-


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