Loretto is jumping ship…..

Fifteen years down the road-

Mother-“Hey little Rickey that strip mall over there is where I used to go to school”
Little rickey- “You used to go to school in a strip mall?”
How does that conversation sound?



At the end of this school year Loretto high school is getting the ax. The struggling economy and a ridiculously low number of students is causing the school to turn belly up. Many many girls that I know are very sad to see their alma mater go but if you can’t make ends meet something has got to give.
For those of you not from the 916 or the 530 (What what) Loretto is an all girls high school in the Sacramento area. There are five catholic high schools in the Sac town area. Jesuit (my alma mater), St. Francis (the other all girls school), Loretto (who is going belly up), and Christian Brothers (coed private school), and then St. Stepehens Academy (who the hell are they?).
So yes it is sad to see this school go but for all those people who think that joining a web site and making a petition to save Loretto on facebook is going to work, well I have news for you. It aint. Unless you are selling ad space on the web site which requires mass amounts of traffic or raising money to keep the school open, these petitions are about as useful as the tell me 25 things about yourself viral post that is going around facebook.
If you truly want to keep Loretto open there is one thing that has to happen. It needs to make money. I don’t know how much money it takes to run a high school but I am guessing that 2,500,000 a year will not cut it (I hear there was around 250 girls enrolled times 10 grand in tuition a year=2.5 mil).
Why is Loretto struggling and not the other big three? Tradition and appeal. Lets start with Chrstain Brothers. CB is coed thus it appeals to the guys and girls who do not want that single sex education but still want the college preparatory. Tuition there last I heard was $9,000.00 and the enrolment was 1,088 students. Doing the math here that gives up $9,792,000.00 in money coming into the school.
Saint Francis has a tuition of $10,900 a year. Enrollment is 1065 females. That means they are bringing in a whopping $11,608,500 dollars. They also have a much stronger tradition in athletic excellence and appeal for the average girl coming out of parochial middle school. Sorry Loretto I love you but the numbers tell all.
J-J-JES-U-U-UIT JES-UIT you know the rest. Tuition is $11,230 a year. Enrollment is 1,085 guys. That means they are bringing in $12,184,550 a year. Jesuit also boast that they receive anywhere from 400 to 600 applications a year. The numbers for the big three (JHS, CB, SF) do the talking for themselves hence the reason they are not struggling.
Speaking on the behalf of Jesuit if there were in a financial crisis and there was possibilities of going bankrupt, the tradition of the school would save it. There would be alumni lining up out the door to donate money to keep the school afloat. What is the tradition that Jesuit has that Loretto does not? It’s hard to explain its more than just school pride, academic excellence, and athletic domination (at least when I was there ’03 section sweep in the fall including an undefeated football season and one more section championship in the spring). When I went off to college I had buddies that still bled the the red and gold and would not give up the pride for Jesuit even though we all ended up in the same place. It something that is given through the teachers, the students, and the experience.
I never saw this at Loretto

I never saw this at Loretto

It is something that I did not see my sister get at Loretto but my brother did receive at Jesuit five years later. It is the difference of staying afloat in hard times as opposed to sinking when the going gets tough.
So Loretto if you want to save your school prove me wrong and show me that you walked away from your high school experience with more than a bitchen education, show me you walked away with that pride and tradition I received from Jesuit. Stop making groups on facebook and start donating money and getting in contact with your fellow alums to donate money if Loretto truly means that much for you. Facebook groups will only do so much and we all know that money talks. Get through the next year with donated money and and make sure that enrollment increases. I know I am stating the obvious but it is time to face reality. Save Loretto face book groups are about as useful as teachers walking around dances with flashlights.

As I learned at Jesuit and something I should pass on to you ladies
Be a man for others-


5 Responses to “Loretto is jumping ship…..”

  1. 1 CM
    February 9, 2009 at 10:34 pm

    If you had actually looked into the Loretto situation at all, you might know that there is a team working to come up with a business plan to work on saving the school. We have been instructed to hold tight and when the time is right (ie- when the plan is presented and approved), we will know how, when, and where to donate our time, money, and talents. I don’t think anyone on any of the Loretto groups thinks that signing a petition on facebook is going to save Loretto. We are coming together as a way to make sure that everyone is getting the right information from the right sources. What you fail to realize is that Loretto did not reach out to alums and we weren’t given a chance to show our support until after this decision/ announcement were made. However, were you at the packed church at St. Ignatius to hear what was to be said 2 days after the announcement? Were you lining El Camino with the entire student body, parents, grandparents, and alums on that Friday? (You caption your picture – I never saw that at Loretto. To that, I say, I did. I saw it 13 years ago when I was a senior and I saw it 2 weeks ago at the rally). To say that we lack pride and tradition is just simply untrue. Loretto students, families, and alums know what makes Loretto special. Feel free to check out http://www.savelorettolions.com if you actually want to look into the facts.

    By the way, I’m wondering exactly how you can speak to the desires of the “average girl coming out of middle school.” I was always going to go to St. Francis. That is, until I visited. The atmosphere and feeling of community that I felt in my very first day was something remarkable, and I never looked back.

    Oh, and again, you may want to re-check your facts. Ever heard of Cristo Rey? They probably would appreciate being included in your list of the Catholic schools.

    Finally, MY Jesuit education (Boston College, class of 2000) taught me that being a man or woman for others means to do just that – be someone on whom others may depend and to do what I can to help others and help my community. I don’t think that ripping down a school in their low moment rather than acting as part of the greater Catholic community is exactly what St. Ignatius had in mind.

    • 2 kaliphornya
      February 10, 2009 at 11:34 am

      Now that is what I am talking about, that is the spirit I have been looking for and have not seen on the facebook posts. You are correct I was not at the rally or the rosary or any of that stuff. But I still cant get over the facts. If a school does not make money it can’t stay open. This past year eighty girls took the entrance exam. That is half as many as the previous year. Something is getting lost in how good Loretto truly is. Why are the girls not applying there? That is my question. I am not saying that Loretto never had swagger like us (Jesuit) but it has lacked that in recent years. Is it fair to ask a school to stay open when it is going bankrupt? I think not, thats why I urge the ladies to go and donate. Possibly have Loretto join the Catholic diocese of Sacramento maybe they can kick you some mula? You said that Loretto did not reach out to the Alums. I ask why? I think if you need help then ask for it. Why did the school not come up with a business plan when they saw the ship start to sink? Or before they announced it was closing so they did not have to put all of the girls still there through the mess. I think they have tried and they see no way around it without your help. One last question- Is the team that is coming up with a business plan to save the school the very same team that was advised not to go through with the facility upgrades and new building projects? Six years ago the school was advised to not build because of tight funds and fear of Chapter 11? Lets hope not. I hope Loretto does stay open and they do find a way. I guess its time for a Doug Flutie like moment.

      Lets go Irish-

  2. 3 MyMommaDoneToldMe
    February 11, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    As a Lorretto parent, we were never even told this was happening. The IBVM kept us all in the dark. It was a flat out SHOCK. And that they told our girls first instead of us parents was just terrible. I know they were forced to tell the girls earlier than they had planned but it was a matter of hours and still not including the parents. the girls care, the parents care, the almunae care… we just weren’t informed.

    February 13, 2009 at 12:17 am


  4. 5 Julianne
    February 16, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    I am going to echo what has been already posted on here by Loretto supporters.

    To consider the Loretto community as lacking spirit or pride is a harsh and ignorant statement to make. I am a graduate of 2003 (Thomas, if you wrote this I know you are aware of the Loretto spirit and find it sad you posted this). My time at Loretto shaped who I am today and helped guide my passions. Loretto never was the school with the large enrollment numbers and it very rarely was the powerhouse in sports, but Loretto had and has a special quality that draws in young women. Ask current and former Loretto girls and many will tell you their time during Shadow Day or their experiences during their first days at the school determined that Loretto was the perfect fit. There is a feeling of family and belonging. There are always going to be exceptions, but for many of us Loretto is a second home.

    Take a look at the media coverage of the Save Loretto meeting at St. Ignatius or the Save Loretto Rally and you will see that there is spirit and support for Loretto.

    We did not know that our high school was experiencing any financial problems. You said that if Jesuit were having these difficulties, the alumni would be flooding in to save the school. What do you think is happening here???

    Join savelorettolions.com

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