Barry Bonds signs with Los Angeles Dodgers

Barry Bonds signs with Los Angeles Dodgers, Next up Manny! 😉
All my life I have despised Barry Bonds like every other baseball fan that did not root for the orange and black. Not only did he have some of his biggest hits against my beloved Dodgers (#500, #71, #73) but the dude was just an all around prick. One thing you can’t knock on this guy is the fact that he can hit, and hit the shit out of the ball. So this is what the Dodgers need to do.
Presuming that his most recent trial goes similar to the past trials nothing will happen again for another year. The Dodgers should sign Manny with a four year 30 million dollar per year deal. We then take another roll of the dice cause we are feeling risky after that Manny deal and sign Barry Bonds. Now I know what you are thinking, if Manny is in left field where will Barry play. We would go and move him over to first base. From here I think he can be effective but who cares about the right side of the diamond when you could possibly have Manny and Barry batting at three and four. Can you say instant offense? Plus Jeff Kent is no longer with us. So its all good.
Is it wrong that with a bat like Barry Bonds and the hate I have had for him my whole life would welcome him into the Dodger Blue? I know this is one of my more far fetched ideas but man wouldn’t that be a sick line up? FURCAL, LONEY(3rd base), MANNY, BONDS, MARTIN, DEWITT, EITHER, KEMP…

Guilty or not guilty?-


1 Response to “Barry Bonds signs with Los Angeles Dodgers”

  1. 1 kooooooo
    February 6, 2009 at 8:18 pm

    thanks tom, i totally started spreading this around til i read the whole blog and realized it was just your vision… god i feel like an idiot

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