Michael Phelps+Bong Rips = make up for lost times

Pass that shit

Pass that shit Michael Phelps on November 8, fresh off of the smack down he put on the rest of the world in Bejing, went out to Columbia to visit a girlfriend at South Carolina. He ended up attending a house party and had a little to much fun.

To make a long story short, Phelps owned the place according to students.  He came into the party with college women hanging all over him, slamming beers, and taking shots.  He was said to be loud and obnixous and knew he was the shit.  

A student offered him a hit and without hesitation Phelps grabbed the lighter and bong.  Sparked the bowl and what I am guessing with his lung capacity,  took a hit only Bob Marley could rival. 

After several more hits he went on his way and suddenly had to bounce.  I am guessing he either got a bad case of the munchies or the parnioa was setting in.  

This photo Phelps has acknowledged as true and has appoligized saying that he is only 23 and made a bad decision that would reflect poorly on his image.  Phelps has never failed one of the 1500 drug test he has taken.

This is not the first bad decision Phelps has made.  After the Olympic games in Athens Phelps was pulled over at the age of 18 for driving under the influcene of alochol.  

 According to the World Anti Doping agency, any athlete who tests positive for a baned substance has to sit out of competition for four years.  Lukily for Phelps, Marijuana is not considered a banned subastance while out of competiton.  So if Phelps were to get tested right now, and they came back positive for weed, he would still be fine.  Also if Phelps did only smoke this one night back in February then because it has been a month, the purple haze is out of his system.  

As we can expect the media is going to come down hard on Phelps, as they should.  He is the most recognized name in the Olympics this past year thus making him one of the most famous athletes in the world.  This will for sure tarnish his image.  My question to him is how dumb can you be?  Not dumb for smoking weed, but dumb for doing it in the public eye.  Hmmm I am going to take this bong rip even though everyone in this room has a camera phone.  

If I were at that house party I would have my cell phone out as well taking pictures of Phelps, taking bong rips to his gord.  Do you know how much money you could sell the pictures for?  I bet you could leave school and live a good life off of the profit. 

Ever since the age of 15 Phelps has been in the public eye as the next golden boy of swimming and the face of the US Olympic team.  Fifteen years old and the next ten years of your life are already made up, that sounds like FUN to me.  I dont care who you are, that has got to be tough.  Phelps probably didnt get to go to parties in high school, he didnt go to college, and now for the first time in his life, post Bejing he has four months away from the pool and can let loose and party.   

A lot of people smoke pot.  The number of people who smoke or have smoked weed is probably the same number of people who own a camera phone.  I bet you could go to any dorm facility on any campus in this country and find someone who has a bag of weed or could get you a bag of weed.   Phelps never had the opportunity to party, cause he grew up in a pool.  I am not saying that it is ok to smoke weed or that all people do it, but it is a decision you are faced with, one that he faced later rather than sooner.  

A nice portrait of Phelps

A nice portrait of Phelps

Should he have smoked weed?  Probably not, being the public figure he is.  Will it make him less of a swimmer?  Chances are this was not his first time and we saw the performance he gave in Bejing.  Will he do it again?  I am guessing that after the next olympics he will become a life time subscriber to HIgh Times.  Should we judge him?  It was his choice and it is his body.  If he is not harming others, do what you have to do.


1 Response to “Michael Phelps+Bong Rips = make up for lost times”

  1. February 4, 2009 at 10:30 am

    i’ve gotta hand it to Phelps for being man enough to acknowledge his actions and apologize — he’s still a decent role model despite the hypocritical media storm

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