Great news for the state of Kaliphornya.  If you expect to get a tax refund, this year you may be in for a surprise.  As many of you already know, the Govenator has to Terminate an 11.2 billion dollar deficate.  So if you have or will over pay the government in taxes you will recieve a “registered warrant”  aka an IOU. 

If I am going to recieve an IOU, I have several questions.  Don’t you think it would be fair to collect interest on this IOU?  Could I possibly write an IOU to the Govenator for my taxes and then once I get the money I can pay it off?  Why the hell can’t any one in congress or any elected official maintain a budget?  It is very simple, if you dont have the money then dont spend it.  Find a way to make it work like thousands of Americans across this country.

I have come up with several solutions for Arnie about how to solve this 11.2 Billion dollar bill. 

Arnold could put out a challenge to any other states official in a weight lifting contest. 

My Govenor is stronger than yours

My Govenor is stronger than yours

 There will be the squat challenge, the bench challenge, and the cling challenge.  We will go by total weight lifted.  For every pound he outlifts the other states challenging politicians he gets a half a million bucks. 

Boys have peniss and girls have vaginas

Boys have penis's and girls have vaginas



Arnold could help all kindergarten teachers become cops and cops become kindergarten teachers.  What this would do is double the teaching force and police force.  This will make our streets safer and kids smarter, thus eliminating the need to spend the money on law enforcement and education. 

Arnie could get pregnate, sell the birth video and photos to Perez Hilton for 11.2 Billion Dollars. 




He could find that magical ticket that was in Last Action hero, go into the movie National Treasure Book of Secrets and bring back all of the Free Masons treasure, claim it for the state of California, open up a museum and collect 11.2 BIllion dollars along the way. 

Or finally my favorite Arnold roll, one that is forgotten to this day is he could turn into Mr. Freeze from Batman and Robin.  He could freeze both Batman and Robin, go into Wayne Manor, hack into Bruces banking acount and Wayne enterprises, steal the buisness plan and money.  Come back to Kaliphornya, start up Arnie Enterprise and deposite Bruce Waynes inheritance, and the state of Kaliphornya will not have to recieve any IOU’s.

Look how cool he is.  Get it? cool-mr. freeze

Look how "cool" he is. Get it? cool-mr. freeze

I’ll be back-


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