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Kaliphornya.com launched on January 21st 2009. In my quest and journey to be the top searched blog in the world, I decided to do a quick google search of their top searches for 2008 in the USA. The list surpringly did not surprise me because I contributed to many of these stats. The list is as follows
1. Obama
2. Facebook
3. Att
4. I phone
5. Youtube
6. Fox news
7. Palin
8. Bejing 2008
9. David Cook
10. surf the channel
He is my breakdown of the top ten and why they were picked.

Commander in chief

Commander in chief

Obama- plain and simple the presidential elections. Some would ask why not McCain? McCain was known as the govenor of Arizona so people had a general background and understanding of him going into the elections thus no major search. Before the election period did you know who Obama was? There is your answer.

Facebook- ranks as number 5 in the alexa rankings and was last years number one most visited page. It is a supertool that is making a couple of college dropouts loaded beyond belief. I am guess that older people searched facebook to get in and understand this hip new thing. What ever happened to the Apple IIE?

Att- Att has apple to thank for the number three ranking. Currently the only carrier that will sell and carry the I Phone while maitaing the warranty (sorry T mobile) is att. Thus with the launch of the I Phone II att moves into number three. Also helping the cause is there new televison service which offeres a DVR that can record up to nine shows at a time. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Time Warner.

I Phone- surpringly the I phone ranked behind ATT, I am guessing the sole reason for this was because people looked at it through apples web site or Att website, needless to say it was the must have tech product of the year. I am holding out for the I phone III.

Youtube- youtube is one of the greatest things ever invented. It can truly occupy a day if you are good and know what to search for within the site. My only question is wouldn’t it be easier to type in youtube.com in the search bar as opposed to googleing it then clicking on the find to get to youtube?

Fox News- I am going to go out on a limb here but in a previous blog I gtalked briefly about who controls the air waves when it comes to politics. Due to the lack of republican support on the televison with the exception of Fox, rightys travel to the web to hear what they want.



Palin- This one comes to me with no surprise at all. Some would ask why not McCain? McCain was known as the govenor of Arizona so people had a general backgfoun and understanding of him going into the elecetion. Who the fuck was Sara Palin. Pribably the biggest mistake in this election thus costing the GOP a much closer election. Come on though who knew that Africa was a continet? Are you smarter than a fifth grader?
Bejing 2008- The Olympics. Michael Phelps plain and simple dominated. It should have been called the Phelps games.

But I swear Im 21, and that is my ID.  Do you think they are allowed to see PG-13 movies?

But I swear I'm 21, and that is my ID. Do you think they are allowed to see PG-13 movies?

On second thought maybe it should have been called the junior Olympics, in honor of the Chinese gymnastic team? They should hang out with Obama and try to come up with some legit birth certificates.

David Cook- so this was the only one on the top ten that I had to look up and contribute to his numbers. I just found out that he was on American Idol. All I have to say is Seacrest is still a bitch…

Surf the Channel- this was another one that I had to look up. It streams all of your television shows, so if you don’t want to get raped by the cable companies and by HBO you can watch it on your cpu. Also check out Justin tv….

Google- a number that is 1 followed by 100 zeros. When I grow up I want to be a googlaire-


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