Last week two high school girls basketball teams squared off in Texas.  Covenant School was going up against Dallas Academy.  Dallas Academy has eight girls on their high school varsity team and that almost makes up half of the twenty girls who attend the school.  Dallas academy lost this game 100-0.

This score line brings up a very interesting debate.  Should the score be this lopsided?  At first glance you look at it and think man, what a bunch of jack Asses.  Come on one hundred nil?  Me being a very intense competitor looked at this slightly differently.  Yes the score was very one sided, but do you know the kind of effort it must have taken for those girls to hold the other team scoreless, or the fact that one team in a women’s basketball game scored one hundred points? This is a rare feat. 

The coach of the winning team refused to apologize about the game and ended up losing the job.  The schools website posted an apology stating “It is shameful and an embarrassment that this happened.  This clearly does not reflect a Christ like and honorable approach to competition.”  I look at this and say man; the person who wrote this must have always gotten picked last. 

Did Christ (if you believe in him) ever play basketball?  In my sixteen years at catholic school, not once did the Bible, religion books, or theology classes ever mention Christ playing hoops, or doing anything competitive for that matter.  He did however turn a basket of fish and bread into thousands of baskets of fish and bread, so maybe he could have turned zero baskets into many for Dallas Academy to make it a closer game.  Or maybe he turned Dallas Academy’s cooler of water into wine, so they were too drunk to even play thus the shutout and lopsided game.  Who knows?  (These are merely jokes and not intended to cause any hurt or disrespect to any religious or spiritual beliefs.  It is all done in good nature, and does not mean to criticize any beings religion.  It is for the sake of creativity.)

See Jesus did play basketball

See Jesus did play basketball



So here are the points why I look at this game and see nothing wrong with it.  When a team gets up by a certain amount of points they empty their benches.  When the benchwarmers get in, they have a chance to play, and in this game they got extended minutes.  This is their time to impress the coach to possibly get more PT as well as get comfortable in game time settings.  What were the girls supposed to do during this game?  Dribble the ball down the floor, not take a shot and wait for the shot clock to expire, hand the ball to the ref and then not play defense on the other end.  Shit the Lakers did that last year in the NBA finals and look what happened.  I still have nightmares over that.  How would that promote the integrity of the sport?  How would that make the loosing team feel?  I know if I was on the team with zero points I would feel pissed off that they were not trying.  That would be a bigger slap in the face then not scoring a single point. 

What had happened at this game was a very unique situation.  I was not there but I bet both teams were playing there hardest in a competitive fashion.  Is this not what we are supposed to do?  I guess I am all about taking the lesser of the two evils.  Scenario one, the good team does not try still blows out the other team, gives them some points, and does not score one hundred.  The bad team leaves humiliated because the other team did not try.  The good team didn’t get anything out of the game because they did not play hard and gave points away.  Scenario two is what happened.  The bad team leaves feeling embarrassed but knows they gave it their all and the other team played against them as hard as they could.  The good team played their hearts out against an easy team but did achieve some impressive accomplishments like scoring 100 points and even more impressive holding the other team scoreless. 


Everything is bigger in Texas-


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