How to solve the BCS

So, for how many years now has there been a valid argument as to who should play in the BCS championship game? As far as I know this has been around since the system came into play. Every year there is not a clear-cut champion.
Before I start to bash the BCS and everything it stands for lets look at the positives. The biggest benefit of this system is ratings. It makes every game throughout the season important. Lets use USC as an example. Not many will argue that they were one of the top three teams in the country this year. USC had a bad loss against Oregon State and for the rest of the year they relied on other teams to get them to the Championship game. This did not work out and USC had to settle for playing in the Rose Bowl.
Under the system that I propose there will still be importance on every game you play as well as settle a true champion. We should keep the BCS ratings. At the end of the regular season you then have the top four teams play in a tournament like setting. The number one plays the four and the number two plays the three. The winner of these two games goes on to play the BCS Championships and the losers play for third and fourth place.
This will counter the argument that a basketball like playoff would be to long and hard on the players because it will only add one more game to the season to the top four teams. It will establish a clear-cut winner and there will be no more debate for who is truly champions.
One last loophole to cover for the solution. This year Boise state and Utah had incredible records both almost going undefeated. They had a somewhat valid argument in that they should be considered for the BCS title game. Their strength of schedule was nowhere near an SEC, Big 12, or Pac 10 team though. In order to solve this move both Utah and Boise state into the Pac 10 and turn it into the Pac 12. Then with this format you can have a true conference championship game like the SEC, Big 12, and other schools. The Pac 12 North would consist of UW, WSU, UO, OSU, BS, and Utah. The Pac 12 South would have Cal, Stanford, USC, UCLA, UofA, and ASU. This would solve all problems and give the Pac 12 a conference game, strengthen their schedule, and give one more week to impress the BCS judges.

Here we go Gaels football –


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