Stocks Drop, Markets Fall, but Freedom Stands Strong

Today January 21, 2009 marks the 1st day of Barrack Obamas term as the 44th President of the United States of America. It is fair to say that many people are jumping for joy that we have a new leader as well as many people are sadden to see former President Bush leave office. 
Over the past year there have been many heated debates between Democrats and Republicans, Obama and McCain, pro and anti prop supporters. The people of our nation choose a side and stand by it. Some may call it stubborn, but I call it pride. This pride that I speak of is the glue that holds our nation together and makes us the envy of the world.
Today is a new day with new policies in effect. The market is still down, housing prices are falling faster than the Cubs in September but our nation is safe and our government is unbreakable. We have had forty-four changes of power now. Of those forty-four exchanges how many conflicts have arisen? I can state only one. The sole conflict was our fight for freedom. 
We fought to break away from the Red Coats and become a country of our own. The British called our bluff but we went all in and landed an Ace to give us a Royal Flush on the river. Instead of having a King, Queen, Jack, and 10 other people to rule the land we had an Ace George Washington, we made a Bill of Rights, a Constitution, a Declaration of Independence. We traded a castle for the White House.
We took teatime to a whole new level in Boston, disguised as Indians.
We appointed leaders and various houses to distribute the power. One man does not have all the power but instead the power belongs to all.
So yes today marks an important day. We are bringing in a new leader, our first African American leader, and one with many challenges ahead. In past years the market has been the same or even worse then it is today, the dollar has fluctuated and dropped, but one thing has never changed. Our freedom, our ability to choose our officials, and our government format. So no matter if your party won or lost in this most recent election, feel lucky. Feel lucky that there is not a war going on where you live. Feel lucky that you the citizen have the power to choose your leaders. Feel lucky that we live in a safe country, a strong country, but most importantly a free country. 

Catch ya on the flip side- 


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