Have your DVR make you money on Super Bowl Sunday

We now live in a world where everything can be accessed instantaneously. Whether it be wireless internet or the ever-growing cell phone trend of PDA’s, Blackberry’s, and I Phones. With a click of the button you can find out anything from the Dow Jones to what celebrity flashed their fun box while getting out of their super low sports car the previous night. The information of the world is at your hands.
So the Super Bowl is quickly approaching and I am guessing that you will be attending a Super Bowl party. From my knowledge of Super Bowl parties there is a fair amount of sports betting going on. If you are the host of one of these parties and you have a DVR, I have a way for you to make some good money.
Before everyone gets to the party turn the TV on to the channel of the game. Pause the channel for about 5 min. What you have done now is delayed the incoming feed five minutes. To complete the setup, make it mandatory that everyone attending your party takes a shot in honor of the football gods. Make sure that you do only offer liquor and beer to people of age though. I’m not down with breaking the law. So the setup is complete. You have your DVR five min behind and you have your guests well on their way to inebriation. The only thing now is to hide your remote, wait for the game to start, and either queue up a computer in your room or get your cell phone ready and have it refresh every 1 min. 
Check your phone anytime a team gets close to scoring or a drive is close to an end. Make a bet with the most drunk person at your party and get ready to empty out this poor fools wallet. Loose the first bet on purpose to give them some liquid courage and then take him or her for all they have. Once he or she has one this first bet, you have them, hook, line, and sinker. For the rest of the game bet twenty bucks here fifty bucks there, and make out like a king. No this is not cheating this is using technology to your advantage. If Bill Parceles can video tape other teams sidelines and formations for years and years then you are more then welcome to pull this one off.
Just remember to send twenty percent of all profits my way.    



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