Andrew Bynum is tough like GI-Joe

Andrew Bynum came into the NBA at the ripe old age of 18 years old. Coming straight out of high school he was projected to do big things. Under the strict super vision of the man who can float in the air while meditating, the Zen Master Phil Jackson, kept his numbers down when he came into the league so he could develop. His first two years in the league he rode the pine and got the occasional bitch minutes at the end of halves and blow out games. 
Bynum’s third year in the Association he was moved to a starting role. After spending all summer working on his inside game with Kareem Abdoul Jabar we could start to see what Dr. Buss saw in this massive heap of athletic ability.

Bynum started dominating the paint and was making true progress. I remember one trip down the floor playing the Heat, Bynum got absolutely abused by Shaq. Shaq did a nice little baby drop step and put it down over him. Sheer strength meeting young wit. The very next play on the other end of the floor Bynum received the ball on the block and used the very same move to throw it down on Shaqavic (-noun-when shaq makes freethrows he calls himself Shaqavic). 
There have been glimpses over the past two years that Bynum has potential. All of this led up to a nasty bone bruise that originally was going to put him out 3 weeks. This turned into the rest of the season which was 4 months. It was very apparent in the NBA finals how soft the Lakers were on the inside. There was no stopping the dribble penetration when teams would run a high pick and roll. The Celtics picked us apart. We had no shot blockers on the inside.
So now lets flash back to the start of this year. Bynum is healthy, we have Gasol from the start of the season, and Kobe is coming fresh off of an Olympic gold. Things sure were looking good in LALA land. Up through the first thirty games of the season, the Lakers played to the level of their opponent. It wasn’t stuff that is going to win a Championship. What was even more disheartening was the fact that Bynum was sucking. Not as bad as Quame Brown sucking but it was not good.

He looked nowhere near the level he was playing at the previous year before the injury. 
We all knew it would take some time for Bynum to get his swagger back, but man it seemed like it would never come. Each game I would watch in anticipation, like a little kid on Christmas Eve lying in bed knowing that there was a brand new Hall of Fame GI Joe waiting for him under the Christmas tree. (Now I know what you are thinking, the Hall of Fame GI Joe has the same specs in size as a Barbie, but it’s not a doll, it’s a GI-Joe the American Hero and he has guns.)
Anyhow back to Bynum, so the progress was not what the Laker fans were expecting this year.
This was true until last night. Jan 21 2009 Andrew Bynum had a career night. He pulled down 15 boards, 4 blocks, and 42 ohh so sweet points. Do those numbers look familiar? Can you say Shaq? After the game Bynum was interviewed a
nd he did a very Shaq Esq. thing. He gave Kobe Bryant a new nick name – Kobe Nash, *quick side note Kobe received his second triple double in three games finishing off with 18 points 12 rebounds and 10 assists. So has Andrew Bynum overcome the injury, is he ready to step up and play like this consistently? Some think no, it was a fluke; it happened against Los Angeles’s JV team the Clippers. I think he has arrived, a game that will change a career forever. Ladies and Gentle Men, I give you Andrew the Stilt Bynum…      



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